Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Ewwww! Food issues.

So I'm flipping through a magazine last night and see an ad for Wheat Thins. Except it was for Cinnamon Wheat Thins. YUCK. I like Wheat Thins. They are yummy. But they are savory. Not sweet. Don't put cinnamon on them. I mean, I know cinnamon is a versatile spice. I love cinnamon in chili. I've even had it on chicken. But cinnamon wheat thins sound like they are trying to be graham crackers. That grosses me out. I hate when foods try and be something they aren't.

Of course I hate more when foods pretend to be other foods. Turkey bacon? I'm sorry, a pig and a turkey are VERY different animals. I know it is healthier, but I'd rather have bacon less often than have turkey bacon at all.

I have the same problem with shelf-stable dairy. That's just wrong. If it has milk in it -- refrigerate it! I won't eat shelf-stable pudding or milk if you put a gun to my head. At least pretend to refrigerate it. Are there less chemicals in Jell-o brand pudding? I doubt it, but they sell it in the refrigerated section, and that's where I like it.

My exception is Velveeta. Love the stuff. I fully acknowledge its a chemical stick -- but its a yummy, melty, creamy chemical stick. I also bought some of the shelf-stable milk to keep in the diaper bag from the kids. But it grosses me out.

What types of weird foods gross you out?

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