Friday, June 26, 2009

Beach Bound

I'm on vacation, I'm on vacation. Ok, not yet. But this weekend we are leaving for our annual beach trip. 14 adults and 14 kids under the age of 9 in one big house on the Outer Banks of NC. CANNOT WAIT! See you all on the other side!

Lost Stars

Maybe its just me - but I feel sorry for Farrah Fawcett. She lost her day in the spotlight!

I mean, Michael Jackson is an unexpected death too, but it seems like he was such a sad figure - never satisfied with his life - so troubled. Clearly a musical genius - and truly made history with his music and moves. But he always was a kind of tragic figure.

Farrah seemed a bit of a ditz, but man you could tell she enjoyed life! Sorry she was pushed out of the news on her day.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Conflicted Loyalties

As you know, we have season tickets for the Washington Nationals. We have 1/4 season (21 games) and love going. The kids really get into it and we all have a great time. This week the Nats are playing my beloved Red Sox. B has been teasing me for weeks about the fact that this week I would be routing AGAINST the Nats.

So last night I set out for the game in a Red Sox jersey. As I was waiting with the mobs on the Metro platform, I was surrounded by fellow Red Sox fans. But instead of being excited, I was actually feeling annoyed. Where were all these fans the rest of the time - wasn't SOME baseball (ie, the NATS) better than NO baseball? Why didn't they come out for the other games, just for the fun of it??

By the time we got to the stadium I was really conflicted. I was going to rout for the Sox, and really wanted them to win. But was sad to see how many baseball fans were in town that couldn't be bothered to come for the other games.

In the end, my Sox won - but the Nats actually played decently for the first 7 innings (things really went to hell for them in the 8th). Tonight when I go I will wear a Red Sox jersey, but my Nats cap.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pomp & Circumstance

B graduated from pre-school on Friday. The whole group two songs (I'm ready to go off to kindergarten{sung to the Oscar Meyer Hot Dog Tune} and Its a Small World) and she and 3 of her friends read a poem. She was very excited and looked beautiful in her cap and gown. She has this one last week of preschool, and after our beach trip (NEXT WEEK!!!!) she goes to daycamp with K the rest of the summer. I can't believe she is about to be a kindergartener!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

3 Down None to Go

So last night K went to the emergency room. It was her first time - she made it much longer than the other two. B went when she was 3 weeks old! Big Man when he was 4 months old. This was K's first time. She smashed her finger in the jam of a door. Sliced through the finger and broke the tip of the bone off. I have never seen her in such pain. It was really awful. Thankfully she shouldn't have any permanent damage. She narrowly missed the nail bed and the knuckle. She ended up with 5 stitches and a splint. We go to see the orthopedic surgeon today. She was a real trooper and even slept through the night great (wish I could say the same for mom and dad).

Cool Xray pic - see little chip at top of index finger!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever

On Saturday we went out to our favorite pick-your-own place and nabbed some awesome strawberries. We also got some English peas and Sugar Snap peas. But now I mixed them up and have no idea which are which - anyone know how to tell?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Enough about you, what about me?

For her birthday last week, we took B out to dinner at her favorite spot (California Pizza Kitchen). We were asking her what she thinks being 5 would be like. She first rattled off stuff she knows her older sister, K does. I will like bagels with cream cheese (she currently prefers butter), I will bring my lunch to school (when she goes to Kindergarten), and then, I will do stuff all by myself without any help. Nana jumped in and said, "well you know, B, sometimes I still need help with some things - its ok to ask for help." and B says, "Nana, I know you still need help, but we are talking about ME!"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Show Me the Money

"Banks Allowed to Pay Back TARP"

I love President Obama. I really do. I think he has lots of great ideas and is working hard, and will make this country TONS TONS TONS better than it has been the last 8 years.

That said, what the !$*&%(*??!! Banks ALLOWED to pay back money they owe us? Yes, I know we don't want banks pushing too hard and returning assistance when they aren't out of trouble. But many of these banks claimed to have been "forced" to take the money. Well then give it back - but a warning - you DON'T get another chance. If you got money because the govt felt you were at risk, and then you gave it back and started to fail anyway - tough for you. Bye Bye..lots more mega banks to handle your problems, thank you very much.

One would hope we would soon be at a point where we ENCOURAGE people to pay back the money they owe us - not just permit them to.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Middle is 5

woo hoo - B turns 5 today. Happy Birthday, gorgeous girl. You were born at a time in my life where I needed some sunshine and you have consistently given it to me. You are my silly, goofy, pretty, and smart girl. Hope you have a perfect day!

Monday, June 8, 2009

We're Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo

<- everyone's favorite part, the water mister!!

I joined K's 1st grade class on a trip to the zoo last week. It was actually pretty cool, as they had the kids do a scavenger hunt of sorts. The kids had a "passport" with the 7 continents in it. They had to find animals from at least six of them (we have no Antarctic animals at our zoo). Then they would write the name of the animal, check off the continent, and draw pictures of the animals. It was really a great time.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

That's My Girl

This is an email I received yesterday from K's teacher:

True story! : )
While giving the DRA test to first graders, one girl (gee, I wonder who : ] ) was reading "The Giant in the Forest". The gist of the story is a boy who lives near a lake and a giant who is afraid of water. The mother has the boy take a bath during the daytime to avoid the giant. Of course, one day the boy gets distracted, night falls and he must take his bath in the dark lake. The giant is waiting for him when he emerges and starts to chase him. Being very clever, the boy drops his soap on the ground, the giant slips and falls and the boy is saved! (Didn't see that coming did you?!)
The comprehension question was, "What do you think the author is trying to tell you in this story?"
Our smart girl answered, without pause, "Always carry a bar of soap with you."

hee hee..that's my girl!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Capturing Memories

This past weekend my BFF Joyce and I went to a scrapbooking getaway. It wasn't really so much away (about 20 miles) - but we stayed at a hotel and didn't go home- so that's away enough for me. It was from Friday night, til Sunday (i left by noon). It was really good. I got a lot of pages done - and some quality time with my friend. We drank lots of margaritas. Pretty much from noon on on Saturday - and yet, never got drunk. We also went to Hooters for the first time (that was where we got our first margaritas!) Anyhoo---- we got some good work done!

I finished my Disney book from last November's trip - and I LOVE it. Looking at the pics again did make me feel bad that we didn't bring Big Man along on the trip - but we may be able to remedy it this fall when I have a conference in San Diego. We are thinking of all going out and spending time out there - including maybe a day in DisneyLand.

I also got all caught up on their birthday books. I have books for each child with just a 2-page layout of their birthday for that year. My plan is that when they are grown up, I can give it to them and they will have their very own birthday book. I also scrap their birthdays as part of our chronological books, but these are just birthdays. I am not all caught up - for the next 10 days, until we have B's birthday.

( i have no idea why this one won't stay rotated (probably left over margarita on the brain).

It is so great to just have a weekend to yourself sometimes..especially with a good friend and a chance to reflect.

Monday, June 1, 2009

We have a Yard!

Following our renovation last year, our yard looked like a mud pit. Especially the back - it was just abysmal - very little grass, LOTS of weeds, scattered debris. It was awful. Last year some local handymen had done some tree work for us - they weren't great, but they were VERY CHEAP. So we called them for an estimate to clean up our yard. There was so much stuff - kill weeds ALL around the house. Sod the backyard. Edge and weedguard and mulch ALL around the house. Seed the front yard. Clean up all the bushes and plants. Again - LUDICROUSLY cheap bid. We took it on the spot. They came relatively quickly and did the sod in the back yard. Then it was weeks and weeks (and threats) before we saw them again. But now it is done - we have a yard again! I am so happy!! Now I can plant some stuff - not just in pots! And my wonderful MIL gave me a gift card to a local greenhouse - so I can't wait!