Monday, June 28, 2010

More Easy Necklaces

Made these for the girls' teachers as a end of year gift (along with a gift card, of course). Thought they turned out cute. Just glass tiles with pretty scrapbook paper and some Diamond Glaze.

Sorry the pictures are so dark.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Childhood Angst

Last week was angry week in our household. K is 8 going on 12. I didn't think I would be dealing with a moody preteen until she was, you know, a preteen. How naive. One morning she became sobbing hysterical because I put the wrong kind of applesauce in her school lunch. Yeah. I would say she was PMS-ing if she wasn't 8.

And Big Man has developed his angry face. Witness:

He is really pissed. Because he didn't get to have chocolate for breakfast.

The best part is that he can't hold it. If you start giggling (pretty much like I do every time he makes this face)..he pretty soon starts laughing too. Even if he is really mad. I have tried to explain to him that it is ok (good even) for him to get angry sometimes - but getting angry because he doesn't get chocolate candy for breakfast (when he NEVER has been allowed chocolate candy for breakfast) may not be the best use of his anger.

B, who just turned 6, has been bit by the anger bug too. Full out tantrums over the fact that she got a pink pony tail instead of a purple one.

Its going to be a long summer if this sticks around....

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summery Fun

Yesterday it was HOT. So DH - that wonderful Daddy - was spraying the kids with a hose in the front yard. Yes, we do have a sprinkler and a slip and slide, but they like it old-fashioned. Anyway, after a while of that, it became clear that the fun thing to do would be too play in the little divot at the end of the driveway in the mud. (does anyone else find it sad that my kids have so little access to mud that they go for this tiny mudhole?)

Of course, after all that mud, you get to play with the hose again before Mommy will let you near the house. Extra fun!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Fancy Girl

B turned 6 last week. And being the fancy girl she is, she wanted a Fancy Nancy party. It was a huge success. All the girls were invited to wear their "most posh ensemble" to the "soiree". As each "mademoiselle" arrived, they were provided a boa and 'pearl' necklace.

We had 3 stations with fancy crafts. We decorated headbands with flowers and bows; clips (for hair or dresses) with flowers and bows, and flipflops with ribbons. I have no pictures of this, because DH, Nana, and I were busy working the stations.

Here are the supplies, mostly purchased at the amazing Halo Heaven, which is basically Oriental Trading for girly girls. LOVE IT!

Following the crafts, the girls had tea sandwiches and punch.

We also did a photo shoot with the girls at their fanciest:

Lastly, we finished with "parfaits". (My daughters don't like cake??!!)

All in all, a smashing success!
(a great picture of B and Fancy Nana, who really got in the spirit!)

That's what works for me! For more works for me ideas, visit We Are That Family!

By the way, got the awesome Fancy Nancy dress B is wearing on Etsy. I LOVE that site. Type in nearly ANYTHING, and you can find it. And if you can't, you can post it and solicit people to make it for you! Have to love that.

Friday, June 11, 2010

hee hee

I think Big Man is teething. He has been complaining that his mouth hurts and doing lots of whimpering at night. Maybe 3 year molars? is that a real thing? Anyway..the other night he gets up in the morning and comes to me sobbing, carrying a paper towel.

I said, "Buddy, what's wrong". Through the blubbering he spouts out.... "Someone stole my ice!!!"

hee hee hee...i love him so much.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Personalized Pretty Necklaces - DIY

The blogosphere is full of tutorials on washer necklaces and stamped jewelry. I have never seen both. So I decided to make these for my girlfriends to commemorate our recent trip to Key West (these are not my favorites, but I gave those away before taking pics!):

I really can't believe I haven't seen these more places. Basically, I took a washer, stamped my message on the back, then turned it over and decoupaged and added Diamond Glaze. The end.

Works for me for fun, easy mementos of a great trip! For more works for me, visit We are That Family.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Oh yeah. This weekend I am off to Key West. Even better? I am going with my girlfriends. No kids, no hubbies (sorry dear). I CANNOT wait. I soooooo need this vacation. Work has been crazy, the girls have had lice on and off for months, and Big Man is going through a mommy-only phase. I cannot wait to get out of town with my 7 best girl friends. Will be thinking of you all while sipping mango margaritas and looking at the sunset over Mallory Square.

or maybe not

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Note to Teachers Everywhere

When you call a parent on their cell phone in the middle of the day, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start the call with "everything is fine" or some other disclaimer. Otherwise I will be on edge and waiting for you to say my little precious has lice, has thrown up, has a fever, broke her arm, or some other calamity, and I will ignore everything else you say waiting to hear that.

Thank you.