Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Such a Sweet Valentine's Day

Yesterday my son disclosed he has a girlfriend. My 5 year old son.

I was looking at his pile of Valentine's on the kitchen table, and asked if he had a good day and a nice Valentine's party. He said yes. I said I like his Valentines. He said he got one more special one but it was "personal" and "none of my business". I respected his privacy. He mentioned his "special valentine" several more times, but reiterated I was not allowed to see it.

A few hours later at his bedtime, he came into my room clutching a piece of red construction paper. He whispered that I could see the outside of the card, but not the inside, because that was "personal". (never mind he can't read, so unless it is drawings, he doesn't know what it says either!) He showed me an adorable hand-made card with a picture of an alien with a giant eye and cut out letters that said "i have my eye on you". I told him it was very nice and he was lucky to receive such a special card. He continued to stare at it lovingly. Then he told me he would show it to me one more time, and said, very softly, "her name is written on the top very small". He showed it to me quickly and I saw the name "Alana". A girl he has spoken of before, but I have never met. I asked him if he wanted me to try and set up a playdate with her, and he said "YES!". A few hours later when I was going to bed, I peeked in on him sleeping. He had her valentine next to his head on his pillow.

And that is what Valentine's day is all about!