Monday, October 26, 2009

Calm as the Ocean, Calm as the Ocean

When K was an infant I heard a child psychologist speak and she said that regardless of what behavior your child was exhibiting your job as a parent was to act like an emergency room nurse. Deal with the problem without letting emotion, fear, etc enter into it.

Man is that hard. When my kids are tantruming it is difficult not to get caught up in the drama and emotion. I cringe when I hear myself yelling.

I thought this was a great article on that talks about how to be a better boss at home and on the job. Now I am not anyone's boss at work. And despite the occasional protests, I AM the boss of my children. I thought this article was a good reminder of this technique.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Don't Say I Didn't Warn You

If you are a woman over 40 - do NOT do this. I did and it nearly gave me a stroke.

I was putting on some makeup, and had moved the little mirror in my office up too high to see, so I put it down flat on the table. Then I LEANED over it to put on my makeup. Oh, dear GOD, I should not have done that. You have no idea how horrible you look until you see all your skin sag down into the mirror. Honestly. I am 41 and look pretty good for my age. I recently got denied access to a bar, I look that good. (hee hee - true, but c'mon, I don't look 20!!)

So if you like to keep believing you are not an old woman, do not try this at home.

please someone do it - so I know it isn't just me

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Last week DH and I were in Hawaii - without the kids. I knoW!!!! Thanks to Nana, Auntie Ronnie, and some amazing friends, we actually escaped for a week in paradise!

We had a fantabulous time (although I think we could have been in Toledo for a week without the kids and had a great time).

Hawaii was amazing. We had been to Maui and Kaua'i on our honeymoon. This trip was for a conference (read - mostly free for me!) in Waikiki. We went early and spent 3 days on the Big Island. The most amazing thing about the whole trip had to be hiking down on old lava to see the lava flow into the ocean. SOOOOO cool. As my Dad said it is like seeing CREATION. The lava is literally making the island bigger. We spent much of a day at Volcanoes Natl Park. The Big Island also has lots of waterfalls and black sand beaches.

In Oahu we probably had the best time on our sunset catamaran sail (read - booze cruise) and snorkeling at Hanauma Bay.

All and all a HUGE success. Here are some pics to drool over.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In their Shoes

So what is the deal with kids shoes. I really don't understand it. First there are "toddler" shoes. They go from size 2-13. Then you move to "kids" shoes, which start at 1 and go up. When do they merge with adult sizes??? I am so confused. Do they go all the way up through kids sizes first, then adult? If so, I would think they enter adult at size 6-7 or something. Anyone get this???

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Little Boy Never Ceases to Amaze

About a week or so ago, Big Man decided he was potty trained. We had not started really working on this - were waiting for later this fall. But he literally woke up one morning and declared he was not wearing diapers. Daycare had told us they were more than ready to work with him ( I think he was the only one in diapers in his class), so we said, Ok. Packed up a bunch of clothes and underwear and off he went. He had a couple accidents the first few days. But that was it.

The scary thing was that he decided he wasn't going to wear diapers at night either. I explained to him that I was so proud of him and he was doing great - but his body might not be ready yet, and he might sleep through it. He insisted. I insisted. He work diapers 2 more days, and woke up dry both. So he is in underwear 24/7 now. UNBELIEVABLE! I expect some fall-backs in the next few weeks, but man, that was easy. (did I just curse myself??!)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Give the Girl the Right Shoes, and She can Conquer the World!

That quote is attributed to Bette Midler, and I live by it. I kinda have a shoe thing. In fact, it has gotten so nuts that I am now collecting artwork of shoes. Oh yeah. DH has allowed me to hang them in my shoe closet. I think he doesn't want to think about the fact that I own them (or the shoes either).

My current pair of shoes are these beauties. Aren't they amazing? They were HAND-PAINTED for ME! I found a cool shop on Etsy where she paints on all kinds of things - including shoes. They are reasonably priced too. She will custom make them for you in whatever size. I cannot tell you how many compliments I have received on these.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Life - Written Down

So in preparation for our great vacation next week, I am writing down everything I can think of about the kids schedule to help out my mother in law. Obviously, the simple things like lessons (when they are, where they are, etc) are on there - but also what day each has PE (must wear sneakers), if they are buying/bringing lunch, etc. Honestly. You don't realize how crazy your life is until you have to write it out. How is there space for another thought in my head - I have no idea!

Monday, October 5, 2009

You Must Read This Book

I recently read "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. This book is soooo good. It is a novel set in the 1960s in Mississippi. It tells the story of a young white woman who decides to write a book about the experiences of black maids/nannies in her community. It is so great and so poignant - a friend of mine who read it said she had to keep putting it down because she was scared for the characters. We have not before had a such a great voice for black women during the civil rights movement and all the work they were doing to keep their families together and fed, and clothed, and housed. And what they had to deal with at work and at home and in their communities. It is a fabulous book and I can not rate it more highly. I strongly recommend you read it. What is really amazing is that it is a debut novel. I cannot wait to read the next thing she writes!!!

They have already sold the rights and it will be made into a film.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hawaii- bound!

So DH and I are going to Hawaii for a week soon!!! Without the kids!!!! (thank God for Nanas) We cannot wait. Honeymooned there 13 years ago and have wanted to go back. I have a conference in Waikiki (read: work paying!) and we used frequent flier miles for DH's ticket.

We are going to the Big Island for 2/3 days (mostly Hilo). We cannot wait to see the volcano. We have already booked a bi-plane ride over the volcano. Staying at an awesome looking B&B, and will have a rental car.

We will be in Honolulu for 4/5 days, staying at my conference hotel in Waikiki. We have booked a catamaran sunset cruise there.

Any other must -dos? Food recommendations?? We know we want to snorkel. Any other things to see/do (We have seen the wreck of the Arizona and Pearl Harbor before).

Would love any tips.