Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Crazy Life

So 90% of the time, the whole family commutes together. We all drive in, they drop me off at the office, then they go to hubby's office, where all three kids also attend daycare/preschool. In the afternoon, I walk over to his office, pick up the kids, and go home.

In the summer I maybe take my own car once a week, because DH is playing softball when we need to get the kids. Well, yesterday was one of those days. I drive my own car in (kids waving and blowing kisses from their car as we drive side-by-side) and park at work. 5:00 comes, and I finish up my work. At about 5:25 I leave the office and head over to his office. By foot. In the 95-degree, 110% humidity. I am not happy in my black pin-stripe pantsuit. I get over there about 5:35, walk around gathering the kids supplies, and am surprised to see our stroller in the lobby. Usually DH leaves it in his office.

At that moment it hits me. The car is back at MY office. DAMN. It is now too late to walk back, get the car, drive back, park and get the kids out of daycare by 6pm. So..i fill the kids sippy cups with water, gather everyone up, and tell them "Yayy..time for an Adventure!" We all leave the building and start heading to my office (about 6-7 blocks away). One block into it (the girls are walking, big man is in the stroller), my middle daughter says "mommy, its too hot, pick me up!". I just say no..mommy can't carry both of them, so we can walk slow, but we have to walk. They were remarkably good about it. We did all walk over to my office, I rewarded them with cream shakes from the Starbucks in our lobby, which we drank in front of my office fountain. Then we made a stop at the "cookie store" (Harris Teeter - local grocery which provides free cookies at the door), and picked up some groceries. Made it home around 7pm.

Totally cracked DH up.


Jules said...

I saw your blog from Dan and Duffy's blog. Dan is my cousin. You lead an extremely busy life. My blog is on Dan's site. I am Julie. I am going to read more of your blog. Have a great day! Keep posting on the blog.

Mordermi said...

The best part, at no point in your walk-over-on-the-hottest-day-of-the-year did it occur to you "dang I wish some A/ in my car I drove in today". I can't laugh too hard because I've done too many bone-headed things just like this. But it was a surprise to beat you home, take a shower, unload the dishwasher, and put the coat rack/shelf thing back up on the wall before you got home (she normally beats me home on softball days, such that I'm lucky to get the shower in before dinner). In any case, thank you for p[icking up the kids so I can continue to play like I'm 18 and in high school, even though I didn't do this when I was 18 and in HS. Love you {smooch}.

Jeannie said...

I am also a mom of 3, ages 2, 4, and 6. You make me tired, just reading your blog! I don't know how you do it. But, I hope to learn from you. You have a nice blog, and I enjoy reading it. Thanks. Jeannie

americanmom said...

I feel your pain sista'. It sure is hard being Mommy sometimes. It can be impossible to keep all the logistics straight of work, kids, strollers, cars, times, places, etc. Thanks for sharing your story. You make the rest of us feel like we're not crazy :)
PS: I love that your DH commented on your blog AND complimented you - too sweet!