Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Starfish of the Week

K's 2nd grade teacher has a cute project for the class. Each week a different student is chosen to be "Starfish of the Week". That child gets a bulletin board in the class that they get to decorate however they want. They can also bring in any kind of props. Then each day they get 5-10 minutes of "circle time" to talk about themselves or their family and answer questions about the stuff in their display.

K has been DYING for her turn since September. Well, it is finally her week. She decorated the bulletin board with pictures of her and family vacations and pictures of our house and her room. She also made a book with pictures of important family/friends. For props she also included the little books I have been making for her and her siblings using their pics to make up silly stories. She is so excited to be sharing it with her class.

Kudos to her teacher for spotlighting each kid during the year!

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