Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Things I am so Thankful for:

  • My Immediate Family ( my DH and my 3 amazing kids - as crazy as they make me, my life would not be as blessed without them!)
  • My Family (my MIL - who we literally couldn't live without! my Dad, whom the kids adore, and we don't see nearly enough; and my brother and his family; whom we never see, but I want to interact with just the same)
  • My friends (who are my rock and my village whom I could not live without)
  • Our jobs (both me and DH, who have suffered NONE from the recession)
  • Our health (we are lucky to have all around us healthy)
  • Happiness (provided by amazing friends and family)

May 2011 provide you all this and more!

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