Wednesday, January 9, 2013

When My Kids Get a Phone

My 10 year old DESPERATELY wants a phone.  That is ridiculous.  She has absolutely no need for a phone.  Together we could only come up with one place she could ever need a phone and not have access to one - on the occasions where I drop her off early at her softball field and she is there without her coach/team.  Otherwise, there is always a responsible adult around who she could ask to make a call for her in case of an emergency. 

Next year when she gets to middle school, she may have more use for a phone, depending on how we handle afterschool, and what she does.  But for now, there is no reason. 

But in a few years, when it could be helpful, I want to remember to do what this lady did.  A mom blogger gave her 13 year old an iPhone for Christmas.  And she made him sign this 18-point contract.  I LOVE it.  It is awesome.  I will probably get my kid a prepaid phone with limited access for her first phone, but the idea is fantastic, and I hope to follow it when the time is right!

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Unknown said...

I love that contract. Should we consider having the girls sign a modified version for their iTouches?

Nice to see you blogging again. :-)