Monday, March 26, 2007

Grey's Anatomy -- Shonda do you hear me?

I love Grey's Anatomy. I really do. But the last two weeks have me very worried about one of my favorite shows. First, the whole Meredith drowning thing. She comes back to life and just goes on like normal. Did anyone miss the thing with her choosing not to fight and let herself drown? The girl needs help and pronto. McDreamy mentioned it in the most recent episode, but nothing has come of it. She should not be back at work without getting some serious therapy. Then came the Izzy/George fiasco. I mean, NO! It just makes me so mad. First of all, we saw how drunk they were. We're supposed to believe they had mind-blowing sex when drunk out of their minds??!! George is THAT good? I think not. But more importantly -- how could they do this? A horrible plot mistake. I seriously thought it would be repaired this week by us finding out that Izzy was mistaken or had dreamt it. But no, they had to keep it going. I'm sorry, but I don't think Izzy would do something like that, even drunk. And George, after his horrible experience with Meredith, he would do this again? I think not. But the plot goes on. George is going to break Calli's heart and that will just kill me.

I am so mad at the show right now and pray they haven't jumped the shark.

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Amy W said...

Saw you commented on my post on Working Moms Blog I contribute too. I am totally jealous that you have some do the laundry!!

Oh, and we relocated to NC from the greater DC area almost a year ago. I had lived there my whole life.

And Geocaching rocks!