Thursday, March 29, 2007

The JOYS of Internet Shopping

I LOVE Internet shopping. OK, I love shopping altogether. But Internet shopping makes it so easy for this busy mom (much to the chagrin of my busy husband). Here are a few site that I have been having fun with recently:

  • ETSY - a cool site that sells all things homemade. Cute clothes, art, jewelry. Great search devices too!
  • Piperlime - The new GAP shoe store. How can you not love these cute shoes??
  • 1154 Lill Studio - These totally custom handbags are so cool. Haven't got one yet, but really want to!
  • Knock Knock - cool office supplies
  • DealTaker - Of course I check Deal Taker every day for the good buys out there!

What are your favorite shopping sites?

1 comment:

Amy W said...

Holy crap, thanks for this!! I absolutely love shopping on the internet. And yes, piperline is cool...