Wednesday, April 2, 2008

And now for some more about ME

Justice Fergie tagged me with this meme, so here we go.


A. Post the rules at the beginning.

B. Answer the questions about yourself.

C. Tag 5 people and let them know in a comment on their blogs that they have been tagged.

What Was I Doing 10 Years Ago?

Hmm…I was already married, but no kids yet. I was a new homeowner. We built a deck for our new house. We bought a hot tub. I was awarded my Master’s degree.

Snacks I Enjoy:

chocolate chocolate chocolate. Easter recently reminded me I like jelly beans too

Five Things on my To-Do List Today:

(1) work with girls to clean their room

(2) pay for extended daycare (only a few days late)

(3) finalize taxes with financial advisor

(4) get car inspected (only 3 days and one ticket late)

(5) lots and lots and lots of work projects

Things I Would Do if I Became a Billionaire:

Buy a house at a lake or beach
Buy my mother in law her dream car
Consider getting my dad a condo near us
Get a personal trainer
Redo my kitchen immediately
Landscape my yard and hire a gardener
Travel travel travel

Three Bad Habits:

(1) biting/peeling my nails

(2) overeating

(3) trying to do too many things at one time

Five Places I Have Lived:

1. Boston, MA (for about 2 months when I was first born)
2. Stoughton, MA
3. Washington, DC
4. Arlington, VA
5. Seriously, those are all the places I ever lived.

Jobs I Have Had:

1. papergirl
2. bartender
3. video camera operator
4. aide for Member of Congress
5. lobbyist

Things People Don't Know About Me:

I would LOVE to win the Pillsbury Bake off (but have yet to ever enter).


For this meme, I would like to tag Julie at Abbily Ever After, the Happy Working Mom, Amy at A Family Story (although she may have already done this one), Edie at The Cagle Clan, and Sabrina at Will Blog for Pixie Dust (who still owes me Disney tips!). If you want to participate - go for it, if you don't - that's cool too!


Sabrina said...

YAY! I've been tagged!

Here's a sneak peak at the new blog I"m working on, inspired by you :)

Will go live tomorrow, still working on stuf. WOuld love feedback!

Amy W said...

Thanks for tagging me, will totally post this later today!!

Justice Fergie said...

thanks for playing!