Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Book Review : Pillars of the Earth

I recently finished reading the Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. I have always like Follett - easy reads, simple mystery/thrillers. But this is totally different. It was recommended by Oprah - which surprised and scared me. Usually her stuff is either to literary or depressing for me. Given the sparse amount of time I have to read - I want to read something relatively easy reading (least I am interrupted 5 times with crying, whining, questions, and just plain old "mom, mom, mom") and uplifting.

This book was an easy read - easy, but not short. It is something like 975 pages. That is not a typo. But it was really good. Its basically about a family of cathedral builders. I really liked it. It takes place in the 12th century in England. Again, not something that sounds like something I would like - but I really enjoyed it.

So if you can handle the heft (I just barely finished it during the 3-week lending period at my library) - I highly recommend.

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