Thursday, June 18, 2009

3 Down None to Go

So last night K went to the emergency room. It was her first time - she made it much longer than the other two. B went when she was 3 weeks old! Big Man when he was 4 months old. This was K's first time. She smashed her finger in the jam of a door. Sliced through the finger and broke the tip of the bone off. I have never seen her in such pain. It was really awful. Thankfully she shouldn't have any permanent damage. She narrowly missed the nail bed and the knuckle. She ended up with 5 stitches and a splint. We go to see the orthopedic surgeon today. She was a real trooper and even slept through the night great (wish I could say the same for mom and dad).

Cool Xray pic - see little chip at top of index finger!


Mordermi said...

Ok, that x-ray seems so clean and calm when compared with the gushing blood and crying girl that I had at the restaurant.

She did really well all things considering. Took me a couple couples to come down of the adrenaline rush of [Father Mode]"Must protect child NOW!" that kicked in when I saw the accident happen.

Mordermi said...

*couple hours

Laura said...

wishing her a speedy recovery - OUCH!

Cara said...

Welcome to the club that noone wants to join. I am nearing the double digits of ER visits. Son has broken arm twice, gotten stitches twice and dislocated an elbow once, Daughter has gotten stitches once and broken finger once. All of the accidents have been in spectacular fashion.

Here's hoping for a speedy and complete recovery with calm times ahead! Hugs to all (amazing how resilient children are --I swear my nerves have never been the same since I became a parent)

Dave said...

that xray is cool looking. sorry your kid got hurt, tho.