Monday, June 1, 2009

We have a Yard!

Following our renovation last year, our yard looked like a mud pit. Especially the back - it was just abysmal - very little grass, LOTS of weeds, scattered debris. It was awful. Last year some local handymen had done some tree work for us - they weren't great, but they were VERY CHEAP. So we called them for an estimate to clean up our yard. There was so much stuff - kill weeds ALL around the house. Sod the backyard. Edge and weedguard and mulch ALL around the house. Seed the front yard. Clean up all the bushes and plants. Again - LUDICROUSLY cheap bid. We took it on the spot. They came relatively quickly and did the sod in the back yard. Then it was weeks and weeks (and threats) before we saw them again. But now it is done - we have a yard again! I am so happy!! Now I can plant some stuff - not just in pots! And my wonderful MIL gave me a gift card to a local greenhouse - so I can't wait!


emily said...

WOW, it looks awesome!!

Justice Fergie said...

Niiiice! I know the kids are way excited.