Monday, August 3, 2009

A 3 hour tour

Ok, it was only a two-hour tour. When we do our crazy beach week with all our friends, both the men and women get to do activities sans kids. The men go golfing. The women have done a variety of things (segways, jeep off road, shopping/spas) but this year we decided to rent a powerboat and go out for a spin. One of the husbands said we were nuts. None of us knew how to drive a boat, and we would crash the thing. I kept arguing that they wouldn't rent the boat to us if they thought we could crash it. I was convinced they had come up with a way to make it work.

Of course, they had. They gave us a quick lesson, and told us not to worry - we didn't need to dock the boat upon return. We just needed to glide into the dock and they would come pull us in. PERFECT!

so we spent a lovey 2 hours out on the Sound, drinking wine, eating cheese and having a great time. Reminded us of our week in Paris last year.

So if you are on the Outerbanks and want something fun to do - rent a powerboat! I highly recommend!

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