Thursday, August 6, 2009

Three Year Olds

Big Man is just cracking me up these days. His newest game is Mommy/Little Boy. Except he is the Mommy and I am the Little Boy. We play it in the car, usually on the way home from work/preschool. Basically instead of hearing "mommy mommy mommy" he just asks the same questions starting with "little boy". But he really loves it.

Last night Nana was babysitting so DH and I could go see the Blondie/Pat Benatar show (it was great!). Nana kept seeing Big Man with wrappers, but he would not discuss them or show her where they are from. When we got home there were two boxes of fruit snacks in the trash. 2 boxes we had purchased this weekend, that each had 10 packs. We figured we had used 5 - leaving 15 unaccounted for. When we woke up this morning, I told Big Man he was going to show me the fruit snacks. He immediately said "I not a bad boy!". I said we would see, and he needed to show me the fruit snacks. When he was up and dressed we went downstairs and I showed him the empty boxes. He picked one up and lead me down to the playroom. He kept saying they were in "my house". Turns out he meant the cardboard house he had made at school. Inside were about 12 packs of fruit snacks and several empty wrappers. I thanked him for showing me where they were, and told him he was not to take food out of the pantry without asking. He said "I sorry mommy". Who could resist that face?

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