Monday, November 30, 2009

Why does it feel like the Medical Establishment Hates Women?

so really? In the same week there is report that we need less mammograms AND less pap smears. REALLY? The day the mammogram report came out a colleague was having a lumpectomy for a a breast cancer tumor that could not be felt at all and was only detected through a mammogram. Now, she is over 50, and would fall under the new guidelines, but still. And to say no to self-exams? WHY?? That one I really don't get at all. How can that hurt? I get that mammograms are radiation and you want to limit that - but self exams???

Now I read that a medical study back in 2002 showed the same results - that delaying mammograms and spacing them wouldn't impact breast health. So I don't think it is some sort of conspiracy. But I have to say I don't understand it. Will be a good conversation to have with my ob/gyn.

Then there is also a study saying people should get pap smears less often. Again, really? I mean not that I relish either of these tests, but why is limiting them or delaying them make sense. Again, look forward to talking to my Dr.

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