Monday, January 11, 2010

Kids and Language

I have found it very interesting to watch how my kids' language skills have developed. We thought K was very talkative, until B came along. At 3 that girl could TALK! It was crazy, her vocabulary and just love of talking. Now 5, she still can talk and talk and talk! Big Man didn't talk much for a while - then we got him early intervention speech therapy and now we can't shut him up. At 3 he now has a bit of a stutter - but not unexpected at this age. He just has so much to say its hard to get it all out!

K is 7 and loves to use adult words and phrases. She has been in the habit of using "obviously" all the time - not always appropriately. Trying to nick that one in the bud, as it is obviously annoying. On Saturday morning we are all in bed watching cartoons and I ask if she wants me to braid her hair. She says , "no, not at this moment, thank you." hee hee

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