Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Enjoying the Flakes

This past weekend we went to Wisp with two other families (total of 6 adults and 7 kids). We had a blast. We went snow tubing on Saturday - played it easy on Sunday (expected bad weather arrived), skiing on Monday (first time for me and the kids) and home today (tried to snow tube, but not open until the evening on a Tues!). Also tried out their mountain coaster - which was fun, albeit expensive ($15 per ride!!!). The amazing thing is we have no broken or sprained bones. I even went down a few green trails (ok, only one successfully multiple times, the others may have involved some crawling and scooting on my butt.) AND - we all had lots of fun. The kids had ski school/camp for a day - and all three made it up to the bunny hill. I was very impressed. DH and I took a group beginner lesson, were released to the bunny hill after about an hour, and after lunch we did some greens.. It was really fun. I was VERY sore last night, but am ok today. Note to self: next time -take drugs before, during and after!

Highlight for me (other than the fact that I actually skiied and didn't break anything nor injure anyone else!) was tubing with Big Man. He went down the first time and said, "Lets do it again!". The second time, he forgot to scream and terrified himself. I am a big believer in the scream - it works for this and for roller coasters and the like. If you get afraid - scream bloody murder and it pushes all the fear out!). So then next time I told him we should scream something crazy (to make him remember to scream). He didn't do it so much, but me yelling it (we were linked together) made him laugh, so he forgot to be scared. Here is a video I love. Notice the crazy woman in the background yelling.


Betsy said...

FUN! And bonus NO injuries!

Anonymous said...

Stumled on your blog (an OLD post on potty training) and will now be stalking....uh, reading....regularly.

Skiing is SO much fun! I was a skiier for 8 years. Sadly, I haven't been on skis in 11 years. I had big plans to get back into it this Winter (and teach my 4 year old daughter!!), but then I had to get pregnant ;) I guess skiing will have to wait until NEXT Winter.