Friday, April 2, 2010

"Sick" Days

So Big Man was sent home from preschool with pink eye on Wednesday. The Dr confirmed pink eye and also diagnosed double ear infections. Big Man could break a toe and the Dr would find ear infections!! Anyway, he was feeling fine, but couldn't go back to school til Friday. So we had a day to ourselves yesterday.

It was GLORIOUS here - with blue skies, and bright sun - probably 75 degrees. We decided to go on a picnic down by the airport. At first Big Man didn't like the loud noise of the planes taking off right over our heads, but he soon got used to it. He loved watching the boats on the river, and some ducks found us and he loved feeding them. He also learned ducks aren't crazy about bubbles and they also are not interested in being read to.

Having a sick day when nobody is really sick is pretty cool!

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