Thursday, June 24, 2010

Childhood Angst

Last week was angry week in our household. K is 8 going on 12. I didn't think I would be dealing with a moody preteen until she was, you know, a preteen. How naive. One morning she became sobbing hysterical because I put the wrong kind of applesauce in her school lunch. Yeah. I would say she was PMS-ing if she wasn't 8.

And Big Man has developed his angry face. Witness:

He is really pissed. Because he didn't get to have chocolate for breakfast.

The best part is that he can't hold it. If you start giggling (pretty much like I do every time he makes this face)..he pretty soon starts laughing too. Even if he is really mad. I have tried to explain to him that it is ok (good even) for him to get angry sometimes - but getting angry because he doesn't get chocolate candy for breakfast (when he NEVER has been allowed chocolate candy for breakfast) may not be the best use of his anger.

B, who just turned 6, has been bit by the anger bug too. Full out tantrums over the fact that she got a pink pony tail instead of a purple one.

Its going to be a long summer if this sticks around....


AmyBow said...

this cracks me up! mostly because my two year old has THE SAME ANGRY FACE! Chin down, eyes up. AWESOME

Annikke said...

My 9 year old son is full of attitude lately... it is driving me nuts. He knows everything and talks to me like I am stupid. He gets in trouble every.single.time he talks to me like that and yet he continues to talk to me like that. I don't know what to do. My sister says it is because he's 9, but I don't know.