Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Note to Teachers Everywhere

When you call a parent on their cell phone in the middle of the day, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start the call with "everything is fine" or some other disclaimer. Otherwise I will be on edge and waiting for you to say my little precious has lice, has thrown up, has a fever, broke her arm, or some other calamity, and I will ignore everything else you say waiting to hear that.

Thank you.


AmyBow said...

100% agree!

Jill said...

Jeez. No kidding. one day my husband was late getting home, he had stopped by our construction site to do something, and I said where are you (on the phone) and he said at the Hospital. I immediately freaked out and said are you okay etc. etc. it took him a while to realize his mistake, he meant BY the hospital, not AT the hospital..