Friday, August 13, 2010

Pajama Party (lite)

Following the amazing genius of Kat, last night we surprised the kids with a nighttime trip to get ice cream.

We waited til about 8:45 (kids had gone to bed around 8:15) and just as it was all quiet upstairs, we ran up, and burst into their rooms yelling "pajama party". They were like "WHAT??!) - we said "Hurry up, get on your shoes, quick, get in the car!" They got all excited and we jumped in the car and headed for a local custard place. We don't go there often, so the kids didn't recognize where we were going and kept trying to guess. As we pulled into a space right in front (!), the kids all screamed "ICE CREAM!".

It was great. We all got our stuff, and the coffeehouse next door had live music. So we stood outside and Big Man and B danced around and around. It was a great night, we all had fun. We are following Kat's rule that if anyone asks for a pajama party, we can't do it that night - so they should just wait to be surprised by the next one.

I highly recommend you give it a try!

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Jill said...

very cool. an awesome 'back to school' treat!