Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Ways of the Universe!

We have quickly been reminded that the universe always has ways of even-ing things out. Just 2 weeks ago we made our last daycare payment. After 9 years of daycare payments, we are finally free. Think of the money! Well, the universe quickly took care of that.

First, our car died. Totally died, leaving me at work stranded, when I was supposed to pick up all three kids and get two of them to piano lessons. Not so much. Turned out it was the alternator and battery. And the bumping noise we had been hearing was the brake rotors, which had also worn bad patterns in our relatively new brake pads. $1400 and we were golden.

The next day the painter we had hired to deal with our porch finds termites in the posts. Joy.

Then, the truck has the A/C die this weekend. Not looking forward to that estimate.

So just when we thought we would get some of that credit card debt paid off, the universe acts to suck up any money we were saving.

I shouldn't be surprised.

I also shouldn't complain at all - we are very lucky, and have more money than we deserve. But still!!

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Kristina @ Family. Work. Life. said...

LOVE that you blog about being a mommy while still out in the workforce. I look forward to poking around here and exploring a bit more! :) Also, thank you for the reminder that daycare payments do have an end to them. :) I forget that!!!