Monday, February 11, 2013


A few weeks ago, I had to work late two nights in a row.  That meant DH was in charge of dinner - a fact that made the kids squeal, because they know Daddy will give them what they like for dinner. And he did.  One night they had pancakes and one night they had pizza.  But a day or so later I am talking to Big Man, and he is complaining about one of Daddy's dinners.   He then admits that one night he asked Daddy for some vegetables, and Daddy said, no, he had to eat pizza. The Horror!

Big Man argued that he had the hiccups and they were caused by eating too much junk.  So he wanted some veggies to make his hiccups go away.  I don't know about you, but that sounds as good a reason as any to give the boy some veggies!  But no dice, apparently Daddy told him he had to eat pizza. 

Lol. I so love that boy.  I love that when we go to a restaurant he has to debate between french fries and broccoli (and often chooses broccoli).  He loves carrots and edamame.  He likes green breans and asparagus.  What more could you want in a 6-year old boy! 

I would like it if he could teach his oldest sister and his father a thing or two!

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