Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Staying in Touch

I love sending cards.  I love picking out cards.  But gone are the days of leisurely looking through the card aisle for just the right thing.  Usually, I am grabbing bunches of cards from the checkout line at Trader Joe's.  At least they are cute! 

But now, my card sending world has been revolutionized!  There is an app called "Just Wink".  It is run by the American Greetings company. It allows you to pick out really cute, funny cards; personalize them (including adding a picture); and mail them directly from the app for $2.99.  I can't find a decent card under $2.99 at the store, and this includes mailing!

I have sent about 4-5 cards from them (including one to DH, so I could check out what they would look like), and love them!  They have so many different occassions, and tons of different cards.  Most are cute and witty.  And the best thing - I can send cards while I'm in line at the grocery store, on my lunch break, while waiting to pick up the kids, etc.  AMAZING!

This totally works for me, and is one of my favorite app finds of all time!

This is NOT a sponsored post.  Neither Just Wink nor American Greetings have ever heard of me, nor have they given me any money or product or anything.


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