Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Tiny Fertility Rant

So I had fertility treatments with my first two kids. We tried getting pregnant on our own, drs could find no reason we couldn't get pregnant, but it simply wasn't working. We did stimulated IUIs and got pregnant very quickly with both girls. Then I got pregnant all on my own for my big guy. I was relating this story recently to a coworker. She said, "that happens all the time, once you aren't stressed about it, you get pregnant." To all of you out there who haven't faced fertility issues -- DO NOT SAY THAT. It is offensive, like it is my fault I couldn't get pregnant because I was too stressed out. For the record, we weren't stressed for the first year. You only get stressed after it isn't working for a while. So that entire first year we weren't stressed, we just went off the pill and waited for nature to take its course. We only got stressed when it didn't work after a year.

So, anyway, for those of you not in the know...please be sensitive. Every time someone says that (and it is ALOT) it really pisses me off.


Joshua said...

You really shouldn't get so stressed about all of this, Megan. It's not going to help you get pregnant! :D

Sorry.... couldn't resist. Feel free to beat me up next time I see you.

3XMom said...

nice. ;)