Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday 3 Ways

Who gets three birthday parties? K, that's who. She turned 7 on Saturday. First, we had her school party. 8 kids (plus our 3) for a "Fun Pajama Party" - K insisted it had to have the word 'FUN" in the title. I tried to tell her that "party" implies "fun", but she would have none of it. The party was during the day, but she wanted all the kids to wear pajamas. (Probably part of her road to therapy because I don't let the kids wear pajamas downstairs in our house. If you leave the level with all the bedrooms, you must have clothes on - unless its Christmas or you are sick). anyway...

We had a sleeping bag relay race (grab a pillow bear and teddy, run to the sleeping bag, get in, make at least 3 fake snores, get out drop stuff along the way, switch off to teammate), and the kids decorated pillow cases. We also played High School Musical Twister Moves and played in this giant inflatable sports arena thingy we put in the front yard. K doesn't like cake, so I made this ice cream concoction - mixing vanilla ice cream with gummy bears. The "people" are Vienna Fingers and the "blanket" is fruit roll ups. its supposed to look like a sleepover.

Fun was had by all (clearly because they were told to have "FUN"). Then we had to drive like maniacs to K's 1:30 soccer game (which began 1/2 hour after her party ended, and was scheduled just days before the darn thing).

Then, just a few hours later, we had a party with our friends and their kids (who K likes to call her "cousins" since she has known them since she was born). (is it just me or am I using an inordinate number of quotes in this post??!!) Lots of playing in the sports arena thingy and more ice cream.

Then today, DH and I went to her school for her classroom party - complete with Jello cups for all. I think her teacher thinks we are a little nuts.

Finally, the birthdays are over. She is 7.

Heat Wave

This is just crazy. Its April and its 95-degrees in Washington, DC. But we tried to have some fun with the kids in my friend's backyard. Let's hope the heat breaks before next weekend, when I will be running the Race for Hope 5k.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mom on the Edge (or how I got my playroom cleaned)

For several weeks I have been hounding my kids about how messy the playroom was. I don't even mean messy - I mean catastrophic. This room looked like it had been vandalized. Seriously. The playroom is 80% of our basement. It has lots of storage and room to play. Basically it looked like the kids had taken every basket, box, container and dumped them all on the floor.

Finally last weekend (while DH was off working) K and I went down there during naptime for Big Man and B and decided to clean. I'd been at it about 5 minutes when I just felt rage. I was so angry at how messy this was and what a waste of my time it was cleaning it over and over only for it to get to this point again. I told K mommy needed to take a time out because I was getting very angry about how dirty the room was. I went up to the kitchen and read my book for 5 minutes. Then I went back down. But quickly felt the same intense anger. I turned and told K that I couldn't do this. I went upstairs and woke up B. Then I told them they had 5 minutes to clean up whatever they most liked, and then I was coming down with trash bags and would throw out everything else on the floor.

I think they thought I was nuts, and they certainly didn't imagine me actually doing it. But man, was I upset. So after about 4 minutes I grabbed 3 trash bags and went charging down there. And I just started scooping. I tried to protect Big Man a bit (since he wasn't there), but I just started grabbing stuff and putting it in trash bags. When I had filled two (and B was in tears), I told them they had a brief reprieve while I took these bags out to the trash.

(sidebar - I would love to say I recycled all the toys - gave them to Goodwill or something, but I didn't. I was so annoyed I could not think of sorting and organizing - I just threw them all away.)

After a few minutes I came back down and did two more large trash bags. Out to the trash they went. It made me feel so much better. Then I sat down and cleaned up the rest with the girls. And now - the playroom has been very clean for a week. When they play down there, I hear them talking about making sure it is cleaned up.

DH and I are really good about being consistent - if we say something (or threaten something) regardless of what ridiculous thing has come out of our mouth - we stick with it. But I really don't think the kids thought I would actually do this. And man it felt good.

We'll see how long it lasts. As soon as it gets out of line, I am fully prepared for rampage of the crazy mommy again.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Bad Day at the Ballpark Better Than a Good Day at the Office anytime!

We went to the National's Opening Day on Monday. The Nats are not doing well. In fact, they are the worst team in baseball. But, we had fun at opening day (despite the loss). The kids were not upset at the new Screech (they aged him from a baby eagle to a "teenager" over the offseason. He is now more a head than a costume. I hate the new Screech); they continued to love the President' s race (go Teddy!); and they were happy our seats are still right near the Dippin' Dots. All in all a success. Our second game is tonight..should be warmer than Monday.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mouse is in the House

Big Man LOVES Mickey Mouse Playhouse. In fact, often the first thing he says in the morning (after "OPEN" - imploring someone to open the door of his room that has a door knob thingy that denies him exit) is "I want Mickey Mouse" usually when Handy Manny is on.

Anyway, here he is showing the love.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Overheard this weekend

At Monsters vs one point they announce "the President of the United States" and a cartoon Steven Colbert comes out. Big Man says in his outside voice - "That's not Barack Obama!!!" hee hee hee

About 3/4 through, when the Aliens and Monsters are fighting, B says in her 60-decibel voice "Mom, this is too scary and when it comes out on DVD we are NOT buying it."

Monday, April 6, 2009

Don't Judge Me, I Won't Judge You

Apparently April is Cesarean Awareness Month. The people at the International Cesarean Awareness Network have created this catchy little icon to commemorate the month. I cannot tell you how much this angers me. According to their site "the burgundy color of the ribbons represents birth and the wearing of the ribbon upside down symbolizes the state of distress many pregnant women find themselves in when their birthing choices are limited. The loop of the inverted ribbon represents a pregnant belly and the tails are the arms of a woman outstretched in a cry for help." They note that "psychological outcomes such as negative feelings, fear, guilt, anger and postpartum depression are common consequences of both emergent and elective cesarean sections". OMG - the only reason some people feel these negative feelings are because of other people like those who support groups like ICAN putting those ideas out there. That you are not a "real woman" if you didn't have a natural childbirth.

Give me a break, people. Having a cesarean birth does not make you a victim. I do not feel like I missed out on anything. I have 3 healthy children. I had an emergency c-section with the first, and elected them with the other two. I did not make that choice lightly - I was not coerced or scared by doctors to making that choice. I read all the studies, reviewed my options and made my choice for myself. And for the ICAN to decided that "my choices were limited" disparages my choice.

Every woman should have the opportunity to make birthing choices for themselves (given medical realities of their specific situation). Don't belittle mine and I won't belittle yours.

Friday, April 3, 2009

In Praise of PodCasts

So a colleague of mine just discovered iTunes. He has had a iPod for a while, but had just burned his cds, and not downloaded any content. I was telling him how I love to listen to podcasts on my iPod, and thought I would share some of my favorites here. These are great - and FREE!!! Gotta love that.

1) NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me - if you have never heard this hysterical NPR newsquiz show - i LOVE it - it is awesome and comes out weekly.

2) NPR's Selected Shorts - short stories read by actors. I do not like reading short stories. But listening to them is perfect.

3) The Dis Unplugged - all you ever wanted to know about Disney World and trip planning.

4) WDW radio - more about Disney

5) KCRW's Good Food - a foodies heaven. Recipes, restaurant reviews (for southern california), and interesting information about food.

Any other great podcasts I should add to my list?