Friday, September 26, 2008

The First Debate - live blogging

My stream of consciousness while watching the debate.....

McCain says he will veto all out of control spending bills - really, like Defense??!

McCain says "people who are under indictment are in control" - do you think that includes Republican Senator Ted Stevens from Sarah Palin's home state??

McCain thinks our business taxes are too high and should be cut. Are there any real Americans who care about that - seriously, is he that out of touch??!!

They are fighting over their tax plans. McCain appears to think it is inappropriate for Obama to consider people making more than $250,000 rich. I'm sorry - DH and I make a lot of money - but I think $250,000 is a GENEROUS definition of rich...should be lower....

McCain is saying some defense spending is out of control...interesting.

I love when "liberal" is used as a vicious slur.

McCain just said he thinks we should freeze spending for all except DEFENSE, entitlements, and veterans care -- ahh, that's more like it!

Why does Obama's hair look kind of green?

oh dear LORD...McCain is still talking about victory in Iraq...we won't come home until we have victory. ARGGHHHHHH

Is there anyone who doesn't think that a President McCain would have us in Iran before next summer?

blah blah...who can name more foreign leaders/regions...

Apparently McCain wants us in Iraq forever.

FINALLY Obama starts talking about state of economy vs defense spending

And...its over

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