Monday, July 6, 2009

Back from the Beach

What do you get when you stick 14 adults and 14 children in one house with 10 bedrooms? LOTS OF FUN!!! We had such a great time on our beach week. The weather was amazing, the kids all got along, the house was great (although carpeting of any kind to absorb sound would have made it perfect), the ocean was calm (with enough waves to allow playing), and the food and drink just kept coming. It was such a great time. The only thing it lacked was sleep. With 14 kids all sleeping on the same floor (ok, the baby was in her parents room upstairs), as soon as one is up - they are all up. And it seemed like by 6am they were all barreling through the house. They did go to bed around 8pm, but the parents were all up much past that. Meant that this morning- when I went back to work, and woke up early to work out - I actually was sleeping in. ;)

Seriously, it all worked out so great. Each family was in charge of one dinner, one happy hour, one kids activity and one cleanup night. Was like clockwork. Even the family variety show was great. Will post more this week about the fun we had, but here are a few pics.


Execumama said...

Aaaaaw! This is adorable. God bless your patience-o-meters though, wheeew!

Dave said...

"It takes a village..."