Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Old Fashioned Beach Life

Last week we went to Rehoboth. We went for two reasons, really. First, we had nothing to do with the girls. There were few camps available - the only one I could find was going to be nearly $350 per kid. A great camp - but that is outrageous for one week. Second, I love Rehoboth and we got a great deal. Both Maryland and DC schools went back last week, so the beach was highly discounted. A 2-room suite at a hotel right on the boardwalk for $150/night. Can't beat it - cheaper than camp!

Rehoboth is like going to the beach in the 50s. (or how I imagine that to be!). It is a nice quiet, family town. A low-key boardwalk - with lots of pizza joints, ice cream joints, and cotton candy. There are lots of lifeguards at the beach. The hotels provide free beach chairs and umbrellas. You can miniature golf on the top of one of the boardwalk stores. And there is Funland. I LOVE Funland. Tickets at Funland are 22-cents (if you buy the 90 tix for $20 package) and some of the rides are 1 ticket! 1 ticket. We pay 50-cents around here just to ride the little truck in front of BJs. The biggest rides (there are only a few) are 4-5 tickets. At the county fair a few weeks ago we were paying $4-5 per ride!!! Funland also has carnival games with guaranteed prizes for $1-2!!! The kids love it, and so do it. Its been there since 1962, and still has a quaint atmosphere.

We had a very nice, relaxing few days. The weather was awesome (if not a little windy!). We had beach time, pool time, miniature golf, rented bikes, hunted for shells, and played. It was a really fun getaway. We did it a few days last year too and I hope it becomes a tradition!


BananaBlueberry said...

We're going down for the weekend in a couple of weeks-
and I checked and Funland is open on the weekends til the end of September-


Cara said...
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Cara said...

We spent the last week of August in Rehoboth. We go every year because it's the week before school starts for us. It's a family tradition. We love Funland --particularly the horse racing game and all the rides. The week we were down was nice because it was kind of quiet but everything was still open. We also got to witness the awesome waves and high tide caused by Hurricane Bill. The first three days we were there the lifeguards were keeping people close to shore and even out of the water at times. But it was beautiful. We always stay on the ocean at Seastrand and it was absolutely stunning this time. Beautiful sunrises and amazing waves. The water came all the way up to the Dunes. We even saw a life guard swim down the beach it was so deep. And coolest of all, my daughter and I both found amazing whole conch shells that just rolled up out of the surf while we were jumping waves. They were gorgeous and ( btw totally empty of any marine life), and must have been there because of the storm. My daughter said it was a dream come true!