Friday, October 2, 2009

Hawaii- bound!

So DH and I are going to Hawaii for a week soon!!! Without the kids!!!! (thank God for Nanas) We cannot wait. Honeymooned there 13 years ago and have wanted to go back. I have a conference in Waikiki (read: work paying!) and we used frequent flier miles for DH's ticket.

We are going to the Big Island for 2/3 days (mostly Hilo). We cannot wait to see the volcano. We have already booked a bi-plane ride over the volcano. Staying at an awesome looking B&B, and will have a rental car.

We will be in Honolulu for 4/5 days, staying at my conference hotel in Waikiki. We have booked a catamaran sunset cruise there.

Any other must -dos? Food recommendations?? We know we want to snorkel. Any other things to see/do (We have seen the wreck of the Arizona and Pearl Harbor before).

Would love any tips.

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Lil Mouse said...

watch a sunset with a drink in your hand for me. so jealous. we are years away from a vacation.