Monday, November 23, 2009

No, I have not dropped off the face of the earth

I'm back. Really. After Hawaii life has just been crazy I have totally ignored this blog. Sorry. Quick recap of our life:

  • finally got over jet lag from hawaii, and had Big Man stop being mad at us leaving
  • went to Boo at the Zoo all dressed up
  • cleaning house like crazy
  • Halloween- including a big party that was a blast
  • lots of work
  • work trip to San Diego - should have been fun but was mostly just busy
  • jet lag after working 15 hour days and 3hr time difference
  • H1N1 shots for all 3 kids- yayy!
  • B gets walking pneumonia (diagnosed while at Dr for ear infection - I am such a good mom)
  • still trying to convince DH we need an RV
  • lots of packing;/unpacking
  • still working on girls new room

ok..all caught up. Here is our Halloween picture.

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