Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Day of Dicotomies!

So on the last day of snowpalooza the unplanned, unscheduled February vacation, we decided to do some really fun stuff. The kids hadn't been to school in 12!!!! days.

Some friends had made the coolest sledding runs in their BACK YARD! not a big back yard, either. Pretty standard for our urban neighborhood. But it was SOOO cool. The kids loved it.

After a short lunch break, we decided to hit the other end of the spectrum - a water park. Fairfax County, nearby, operates a small water park that we had never tried, but always wanted to. It was a HUGE hit!

We all had fun splashing, swimming and sliding! And it only cost $14 for the whole family!!! Gotta love that.

We learned one thing. Spend the morning sledding and the afternoon splashing, and you get one thing by 5pm:

All 3 socked out just a few minutes after we left the parking lot of the water park. LOL. Guess we have the formula for a quiet night now!


Ally said...

Oh my word...sounds like a fun day! I love when the kids fall asleep in the car--makes for a peaceful drive home :)

Ruth said...

I used to live in Fairfax County but looks like I escaped the "big one". 12 days off is crazy! I don't remember this water place, how cool. Love the shot of the three kids zonked out. That is classic!