Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Contagious!

Until now, Big Man has been out of the clothing fray. Pretty much all little boy clothes are red, blue, or green - so they pretty much all go together. Then there was this morning, when Big Man came into our room wearing a greens striped shirt and red plaid shorts. I couldn't object to the colors/patterns, but I told him he couldn't wear shorts- it was only Spring, not Summer. So he went back and put on pants under the shorts and a sweater over the shirt. Okey dokey. I did not do drop off at pre-school today!


AmyBow said...

love it! three wonderful little individuals in your house!

kathy said...

beautiful! I love the disclaimer that you did not drop him off at preschool. I almost took a picture of Becky's Isabelle for you the other day - she's a fashionista just like your kids.