Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Last week, K received her First Communion. This is a big deal for more than just her. Our family joined the Lutheran Church about a year ago. I grew up in a VERY strong Catholic family. And despite having LOTS of problems with Church/Pope policy, I had been very happy with the Catholic Church DH and I had been attending and that all 3 kids were baptized at.

But when K turned 4, I wanted her to begin Sunday school. No luck at my church - was told it was all full. So, the next year, I started earlier - still no luck. I was crazed and angry. What do they mean there was no room in Sunday school for my children?? We put the girls in Sunday School at the local Lutheran Church that friends attended - no questions asked.

At my father's urging, I wrote the Pastor of the Catholic Church, and the Bishop to ask for help getting my children into Sunday School. no response. REALLY? From a church that is watching people leave in droves, here is a family of 5 looking for some religious education from 3 children??!! Nada.

So, we went through the "new disciple" orientation at the Lutheran church. And I found I really liked it. And I LOVED how friendly and welcoming they were (bible, literature, and coffee mug delivered to our house after the first week we attended church, followed up by a phone call from the Pastor welcoming us!). They educated my kids (for free) without us even being members. All in all, fantastic. Home.

So last week, K got her First Communion. She was very excited, although her favorite part was that she would now get an "official" name badge, like Mom and Dad.

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