Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This Election Makes Me Crazy

The Republican rhetoric of this election is making me NUTS. Don't get me started on the Tea Party crazies, but even mainstream Republicans are just spewing it....

First - check out this awesome video. Its great to say you are going to cut spending - but how??? Love to hear someone who knows.

Second - Everyone hates TARP. Just a clue - TARP was signed by President BUSH - not Obama. BUSH. On October 3, 2008 - BEFORE the election. This was a REPUBLICAN plan.

Third- Saying only Republicans can solve the deficit. Two things have contributed most to the deficit.

1) the war. BUSH's war. That and all our other military conflicts. In fact check this out. Almost FIFTY percent of the entire World's annual Military spending is by the U.S.. Cutting U.S. expenses in half would still be more than next five or six countries combined. Notice no Republicans propose cutting defense spending in any way.

and 2) the collapse of the economy - again, happened under BUSH - due strongly to government deregulation. But what is the Republican answer? Smaller government - getting government out of business. REALLY?

ARGHH - best I can say is people, VOTE. VOTE VOTE VOTE. Vote early and vote often. We need all reasonable adults out there at the polls.


Jill said...

Strange how no one remembers who passes the laws, until they come into fruition. Then they just blame whoever is in office.

Anonymous said...

Love your logic--very well said! :)