Thursday, November 4, 2010

It was Inevitable

4 yr old boy + playground equipment = trip to the emergency room

Frankly I'm surprised it took this long. Big Man has always been a climber, jumper, etc. In other words, a normal 4 year old boy.

On Saturday, he fell off a some playground equipment (you know those thingys that are like a fireman pole with a loopy thing around it??) - kind of like this:

and he used his left arm to brace himself.

15 minutes later when I arrived at the emergency room with him, and unlatched his car seat, I felt his arm for the first time (DH was with him at the playground). EWWWW. His forearm was literally in pieces held together by skin. It was really gross and shaped like an S in the absolutely wrong direction. A 6'+ 250lb+ orderly at the ER nearly threw up. It was really awful. According to the doc, "an acute transverse fracture of both the radius and ulna with significant angulation of the distal fracture fragments resulting in deformity of the forearm." ick

But amazingly, he didn't need surgery. The orthopedic surgeon was able to get it back in place, and gave him this lovely cast. (Spiderman was added by Big Man's Preschool teacher!).

He was a real trooper and is already running around like a champ. In two weeks we go back and will take yet another set of x-rays to see how it is coming along. Hopefully will continue to be good.

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Mordermi said...

Spiderman now also has Elmo for company. Same artist. He's still running around, even when told not to. /sigh.