Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring (undies) Cleaning

So last week I was at Target buying socks for my girls. I have no idea what in heck they do with all their socks, but they got to a point where they didn't have any more and we were about to go on vacation. (nevermind that they ended up leaving their suitcase behind and we had to stop at Walmart and buy them all new clothes...) While I was there, I noticed that Target had cute women's cotton undies on sale - some on clearance. I bought myself 5 packages.

When I got home I went through my underwear drawer and threw out all the yucky pairs of underwear. You know the ones. The undies of last resort. They don't fit right, they may have rips, or they are just old and ratty. I threw them all out. I ran the new ones through the laundry,and voila! I had a whole drawer of underwear that I liked. And that fit. And that I wasn't ashamed to wear.

And it cost me about $20. I STRONGLY encourage you all to do your own Spring (undies) Cleaning! No more through picking through the drawer for the pairs I like. Now I like them all. I know underwear is not something I normally put a lot of thought into, but this is a little thing that could make your morning a bit brighter!

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Jill said...

Lol I did this with my undies when the pregnancy began to affect my size. I got rid of all the old ones that weren't going to fit, and had not been fitting WELL ahead of time, put a few newer pairs in the drawer, and got out my 'size up' junky ones from wally world-- so far I don't have to wear them yet, but I loved doing the cleaning, easier to find everything!

Milehimama @ Mama Says said...

I totally agree! It's so much easier to do everything you need to do when you're not hiking up your drawers every few minutes!

Thrift Store Mama said...

I just did this yesterday. So cathartic !