Monday, July 25, 2011

Spring Cleaning...on the hottest weekend in July

We didn't want to do much to leave air conditioning this weekend, with temps over 100 degrees! So, of course, we decided to clean out the refrigerator. We were inspired by this picture we found on Pinterest (if you haven't tried pinning, you are missing out!)

This is what our fridge looked like before. Think we could find much of anything in there? nope. We decided we wanted to use containers (like in the picture), so measured everything first. The key measurement was depth. If you get containers that are too shallow, you will constantly lose stuff behind them. Then we went to Walmart and got some containers that could work.

Next, we took out all the food, and threw away anything scary (we did find a sauce bottle that expired in 2005!!). Then we took out all the drawers and shelves and while DH cleaned most of those, I got in the fridge with clorox and cleaned the heck out of it. Only when everything was sparking white, did we put shelves and such back in. We had to replace the produce drawer, as the kids had broken it years ago.

Then we tried to organize the food we had. We had LOTS of yogurt and LOTS of cheese (the kids could probably live on an all-dairy diet). So one bin went for yogurts, and another (smaller) bin went for string cheese and other single-serving cheeses. We put the rest of the cheese (good "mom and dad" cheese, shredded cheese, etc), back in the cheese drawer. We have a "toppings" bin with "shaker" cheese, sour cream, bacon bits, tomato sauce and ketchup. Lunch items (cold cuts, lunchables, etc) went in the small drawer. The other big bin has "dinner" items - things I am defrosting, have ready for dinner that week, left overs, etc. Produce goes in the bottom drawer.The top has sort of anything else.

Then we organized the door shelves. They were crazy. We consolidated, threw out much, and tried to organize as best we could (international sauces, bbq sauces, salad dressings, etc).

And here is the big reveal. Not the best pics, I apoligize (iPhone), but gives you an idea. And yes, ASAP I will be switching out that top blue bin for a white one. Makes me crazy, but the white ones we bought didn't fit on the top with the built-in water dispenser. I had this blue one sitting around, and it fit. But I will switch it out for a white one as soon as I can.

We made the kids come in and oooohh and ahh over the clean fridge. Lets see how long it lasts! Hopefully we will all find it easier to use and will keep it like this!


Andrea @ The Greenbacks Gal said...

I'll admit my before picture looks a lot like yours! There is no way that pinterest fridge stays that clean, is there?

simply heidi said...

Those bins are a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

Taylor at Stain Removal 101 said...

I love before and after pics. In fact, I love them so much I featured this post as one of my laundry, cleaning and stain removal links for the week. Thanks for sharing!

ParkerMama said...

Hi! I wanted to touch base and tell you that you can freeze and reheat the cheese bread. :)

Thanks for visiting our blog!

Tammy and Parker

Justice Fergie said...

long time no talk! just popping over to say hi :-)

and i gave you a shout out on MomCrunch!

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Bitterroot Mama said...

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