Monday, February 26, 2007

Election 2008 -- does what happens now even matter?

So, there have been all these grumblings about the Democratic Presidential hopefuls beating each other up. I have tried not to read much of it, but here is my question. Does it matter? We are still 22 months from election day. While I would like to believe that things like Iraq, the economy, the deficit, etc will still be on the electorate's mind by then, I don't honestly have confidence in that. I would certainly hope that personal attacks and squabbles that occur would be long buried.

At the same time, I do wish they would cut it out. I mean, I know they get asked things like "why are you a better candidate than X?". But just because the media asks you something you don't have to answer it. If GWB has taught us anything it should be that. Ignore the question and say what you want to say. Candidates should answer that question by talking about their good qualities, and should refrain from saying anything about their fellow candidates -- at least of the same party. Because when you later pick that person as your running mate (or they pick you), that clip will run every 10 seconds for the remainder of the campaign.

Grow up people!

BTW....I LOVE this cartoon:

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