Monday, February 12, 2007

Kids getting sick...

It is so frustrating when your kids get sick. Not just because you are worried about them, but for time management purposes. In my house it means DH and I get to play the -- "who has the more important day today" game. Usually it means we split -- one goes to our morning meeting while the other stays home, and at lunch we switch. If we have enough notice, it means a call to my MIL who is our lifesaver. She is retired and lives nearby, and will often fill in when we just can't be home.

My 6-month old has recently been hospitalized -- first with RSV over Christmas, then with walking pneumonia (nevermind the irony that he can't walk yet) in January. During those times I have dropped everything to stay with him in the hospital. Work has been very agreeable (especially when this last time I discovered the hospital room had wireless internet for a small fee!), but it feels like I just got back into the swing of things (from returing from maternity leave in November) and boom -- I'm back out of it. ARgghh.

Now I am just completely consumed by trying to keep him well, and stressed by why he is getting sick. My peditrician had the gall to suggest he get a test for cystic fibrosis -- way to stress a person out! Since then we have realized 1) we have no family history (its a very genetically linked disease); 2) I had a CVS when pregnant that tested for it and came back negative; and 3) he doesn't taste like salt. Yes, I licked him to check. But I still need to schedule the test asap just to make sure. Then we need to follow up with a pediatric pulminologist and an allergist/immunologist. In my spare time. I mean, this is health-related, so we will drop everything to do it, but sometimes I think my life is simply too insane.

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