Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Daily Musings...

So..what's going on in my life?

  • home renovation going GREAT! Roof/ceiling on the first floor, when we left this morning walls were going up on the 2nd floor and posts were being dug for the front porch. The obliterated all plant life there yesterday (including my HUGE azaleas, but LOTS of weeds as well).
  • DH's work is INSANE. It will be nice when we all get to see him again.
  • Can't wait for vacation! Hoping to go to PA in 2 weeks, and then the beach at the end of August. YAYYYY! (has Congress gone home yet??!!!)
  • Still running..tomorrow up to 25 minutes with no stops!
  • Just had the BEST watermelon aqua fresca...think it would be even better with tequila!
  • DS turns one in 2 weeks!! It has gone so fast!

That's about it for today. Will post more pics of the renovations later this week...


Anonymous said...

Everything is better with tequila in it :)

Mordermi said...

{Quote}DH's work is INSANE{/quote}

Just because my average time getting home the last two nights (from my normally 9-5:30-ish job) is 1:15 AM? FWIW, should be done Tue. Plan to have a pitcher of blender drinks when I'm done. Maybe I'll share with you. :-)