Friday, July 6, 2007

Slow News Day or WHAT??!!

So what is with all the hoopla over John Edward's haircuts. I mean seriously. The man has nice hair, and pays a little too much to keep it that way. Do I need to know that? Do I care??!! The Washington Post, which I consider to be a good newspaper, had an entire article (at least it was in the style section) telling the "REAL STORY" from the hairdresser's point of view. Are you serious???!!!

Aren't there people dying in Iraq and Afghanistan? Try reading the posts on -- that will give you some news people should read. Aren't there debates on immigration and health care reform to be reporting on? I simply do not care what anyone -- candidate, elected official, next door neighbor, teacher -- spends their money on, as long is it is legal. I beg the media to just let this -- and any other stories of its ilk -- go!

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Jules said...

Cheers to that! I agree! Why is a haircut and how much money someone spends on it, important?
Thanks for the address for real news.