Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chesapeake Tuesday

Doesn't really have the ring of Super Tuesday, does it? But nonetheless, we are voting today here in DC, VA, & MD. Last night we got 5 political calls - all from Republicans - 3 Huckabee and 2 McCain. Now my husband is registered independent, but I have been a Democrat since I was 18. The funniest one was the message from a "neighbor" calling to remind me that Huckabee is the only candidate who really supports our Second Amendment Rights. I wish I had been able to speak with her - Lady, I OPPOSE the current interpretation of the 2nd Amendment!! I am HUGELY in favor of gun control - as in, I'd abolish them all. Knowing he is in favor of gun rights certainly wouldn't make me vote for him. I would think that would be an iffy topic for most people in the area where I live. Surprised they would lead off with that.

Ah well. Brought K with me to the polls this morning. I was trying to explain how it is an historic election, where we are voting on either a woman or an African American - neither of whom has ever been President before. She told me she would vote for the girl. I asked her why, and she said that since a girl hadn't been President before, she should be. I said that we'd never had an African American President either and she said but he is a boy, and we already have a boy President.

I wish it were that easy. Before heading to the polls, I was excited to vote for Obama. But hearing her, I felt pangs of regret. On the surface I would love for her to see a woman President(course she didn't even know we never had one before I started this conversation -- and frankly, was torn about telling her then, less she feel there are things she can't do), but for me, it’s just not this woman. I asked if she had any girls in her class that she didn't like. She said no. I asked if she could think of any girls at all that she didn't like, she said no. So, I just told her that Mommy didn't particularly like this girl, and didn't want to vote for her just because she was a girl. She seemed to accept that, but still wanted me to pick the girl.

I have to say there was a part of me that wanted to as well.


Queen Mommy said...

GO YOU!!! I voted last Tuesday here in Massachusetts. I had the exact same feelings. But I am also a sucker, I wish everyone could win. Knowing that they can't I am glad to see how well O did in your region of the world. See, I still feel bad for H. I can't help it. Thank God I am not a judge! LOL

Lil Mouse said...

i just can't imagine more of the same, same, more debt, is the American dollar going to be worth anything? are we ever going to stand up and say, YES our kids should get good child care so their mothers can work and have it be worth their while? are we ever going to say that health care is important for everyone, and not just the rich, are there ever going to be tax breaks for those who work their asses off but dont have anything to show for it? can't buy a house, can't afford to have kids, so instead of relying on the government we put ourselves on hold, whereas if we get someone with those 'topics' in office we may get somewhere? its really frustrating... especially when others just somehow arrive in this country, have as many kids as they want, get free health care and dont have to pay taxes.. hmm.. doesnt quite seem fair does it?.. what topics do you care about?