Monday, February 4, 2008

Most Relaxing Day

So I was away with my girlfriends this weekend. On Saturday we had nearly the perfect day. We woke up, had a delicious breakfast - tropical french toast (courtesey of Dinner Done), and decided we would not get out of our jammies all day. It was heaven. We read books, played cards (I taught them Canasta - which I LOVE), watched a movie, ate chocolate and junk foods, drank wine and blender drinks, it was perfect!!! We even went out and visited a local gift store we love (before the drinking, of course) IN OUR JAMMIES! It was so great. I read a bunch of magazines and several books without interruption. How lovely! We came back early on Sunday to make it to a superbowl party. It was a perfectly relaxing weekend. How often do us busy moms get that??? I am so lucky to have such great friends, and a great husband who lets me get away with it. Especially since i have another weekend away in 2 weeks for ScrapBowl!


Julie said...

sounds like you had a great weekend!

Laura said...

WOW - a well deserved - amazing break! Good for you!

My scrapfest is not until April...I am itching for it!!!

BTW In honour of my 100th post, I am asking blog friends to leave a question in their comment and I will answer 100 questions for my 100th post....hope you can join in the fun

Dan & Duffy said...

As if I weren't jealous enough - tropical french toast!

Amy W said...

So seriously, you need to tell me next time about this scrap bowl thing, I could come!!

I am actually going this coming weekend to scrapbook in Pinehurst, NC.