Tuesday, February 26, 2008

To Be So Loved

So given my recent travels (2 girls weekends, an overnight business trip, several work dinners) this month, Big Man has been really clingy lately. Who can blame him? I'm pretty cool to be with! LOL Anyway, it usually drives me crazy, but I am trying to be more zen and just grateful for the snuggles and love he shows me. This morning was no exception.

I got him up - had to wake him, so that was fun - and got him dressed. He was not in the greatest mood. He was clinging to me all morning - except when he stopped to fight with daddy and try and get the bagel and cream cheese he was making for K to bring to school. So, I leave the house with K to walk over to the school. Big Man is screaming and rolling on the ground. I tell him I will be right back and we walk out. Of course, K forgot her backpack and we had to go back in. She gets it and leaves, but doesn't shut the door. Big Man comes out and stands on the porch crying as we walk away.

She and I are talking about it, and how we need to help Big Man learn more words so he won't get so upset in general. About a block and a half away, we both turn when we hear his cry plain as day. Big Man has come down off the porch, walked down our walkway, and is now headed down the sidewalk towards us. Crying and reaching his arms out. It was so pathetic. Daddy was soon on his heels and grabbed him up.

Minutes later when they picked me up in the van from the school, Big Man was all smiles. He was even fine when I dropped him off at daycare. But today, I carry the vision of him sobbing on the streets, arms outstretched, screaming mama! Such love.


Amy W said...

Audrey gets like that sometimes...it can drive you nuts when they are so clingy, but like you said, trying to go with it actually makes it all better.

Huckdoll said...

haha..that was the cutest story. oh, the attachment! it's very special.