Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Pet Peeve

I do not color my hair. I'm not saying I never will, but I don't for now. Mostly cuz I can't handle the upkeep or defend the cost. Most of my hair is still brown. I certainly have some white patches (yes, white. I have no gray just pure white!), but mostly on the underneath sections of my hair.

Anyway, I have a pet peeve about those who completely dye their hair. Why is it so many of these women dye their brown hair blonde and leave their eyebrows brown??!! Really, I don't get it. I think it looks awful and don't understand why they don't just tint their eyebrows as well.

Is there an actual reason? Can you not dye eyebrows? I really need to know, cuz it completely drives me nuts. Just my pet peeve of the day.


Mommy Bits said...

lol. I cannot dye mair hari, it doesnt seem to hold the dye. I've never really paid attention to they eyebrow thing but I wonder if it's because they are dying their hair at home?

Julie said...

yes, you can dye eyebrows. when i used to dye my hair at home I was always afraid to do my own eyebrows though (not that they were that different). at the salon they will always dye them if there is a huge difference.

April said...

I've got some white streaks, but I haven't taken to dyeing them yet either. My hairdresser's trying to talk me into highlights. I think that's her nice way of saying the greys (well, whites here too) are starting to take over!

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Balancing Hops

Honeybell said...

You shouldn't dye eyebrows with the at home haircolor kits ... apparently it can blind you or some silly thing. I would think if I was going to drastically change the color though, I'd pay out for the professional NON-CLOWN look!

Karen MEG said...

I just started dyeing my hair after my girl was born and I didn't have so much gray. Now I'm afraid NOT to dye it LOL!
Yah, if the difference between the hair and brows is so drastic, bugs me too!

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scraps_n_stuff said...

I too hate the different colors on one face! People you really need to take the few extra minutes and pennys to make the difference.

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Anonymous said...

lol. I had bleach blonde hair for awhile about 8 or 9 years ago and left my eyebrows dark. 1 -because the hair was enough of a shock when I looked in the mirror and 2- I couldn't find a hairdresser willing to do the brows- I'm sure somewhere and for some an=mount someone must do them- but I went brown again before I ever found someone.