Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Cleaning

So, with the advent of Spring, I've decided my house is just too disgusting for me to bear. So I have started trying to get it cleaned up. Once I do I am hoping I can finally find a replacement house cleaner! Anyway, on Saturday I tackled the playroom - the worst room in the house. I spent about 3 hours, 4 trash bags and a box, and 3 goodwill bags, but I got it mostly done. Work still needs to happen on the shelves and the like, but you can see the floor and it is vacuumed. Yay! The kids could barely believe it. Even after having 8 kids play in there on Sunday night, it is still pretty clean.

Next up - our old bedroom (currently the waiting room for the attic and general dumping ground).


Laura said...

I started today as well... for the first time in months you can see my bedroom floor. My 4 year old actually tole me the room looks beautiful!


Sara said...

I was doing that this last weekend. Surprisingly how things get so dirty so fast!

Justice Fergie said...

ooo i'm so jealous that you're already done with the playroom! i'm dreading sorting through all of the random, broken and outdated toys.

Amy W said...

Our bedroom is the same way...since the attic door is outside our bedroom door especially.

Jodi said...

You have 3 kids and work full time? Youu have my utmost admiration.

And thank you for your comment on jodifur.

Sabrina said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :) Your blog is awesome! Who did your design?

Check back on my blog tomorrow and I'll have tips for Disneyworld vacations :)